Tell Gov. Hogan to Release Education Funding Now!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a day to honor those who dedicate their lives to educating our kids. It's also the 23rd day since the General Assembly passed over $68 million in funding for Maryland's public schools — funding that Governor Hogan is still refusing to release.  
School funding is critically important to our children’s future and to the future economic well-being of Maryland families -- especially as too many feel like they are either running in place or falling behind. 
In Congress, Chris Van Hollen is leading the budget battle to stop Republicans from cutting education funding, slashing Pell Grants, and increasing the cost of loans for college students. And at home, I'm asking you to join me in calling on Governor Hogan to stop withholding school funding from our teachers and kids.
Show Maryland teachers and students you support them by calling upon Governor Hogan to IMMEDIATELY RELEASE the funding for our kids' education.  Instead of playing games with our kids’ education, we need to be investing in education at every level.

Please sign the petition calling on Governor Hogan to do the right thing and release the $68 million in school funding now!